D-9 Sports Media Event

Members of the Punxsy Chucks traveled to St. Marys High School to take part in the District 9 media event. The seniors said they were excited to get back to playing and mentoring the underclassmen. From left: Logan Gotwald, senior center; Head Coach Alan Nichol; and Gabe Kengersky, senior corner/receiver.

ST. MARYS — The Punxsy Chucks are gearing up for the 2021 football season, and representative players and Head Coach Alan Nichol traveled to St. Marys high school to talk about their excitement at the District 9 Football League Media Day.

Senior Logan Gotwald, center, said he thinks the team is heading for a good season due to the hard work the players are putting in.

“I’m just looking for-ward to hopefully having a really good season. I feel like it’s going to happen, because a lot of our guys have been coming out and working very hard this year,” Gotwald said.

Gotwald said he has learned to be adaptable when it comes to football.

“Things don’t always go your way and to expect the unexpected.”

He said he is excited to play Brookville and that although there will be differences playing as a senior, a lot of it will be familiar territory.

“It’s going to be a little different since I won’t be going back to the weight room after the end of the season, but other than that I think it’s going to be the same.”

Senior Gabe Kengersky, receiver and corner, said he is excited for a new beginning in season.

“I’m just looking for a clean slate. We have a lot of guys working hard; I love the work ethic. Especially from the younger guys. We got a good group of juniors and sophomores coming out, but also a solid number of seniors that will help us too,” Kengersky said.

He said he is excited to play local schools Brookville and DuBois, continuing the rivalry.

“I’m excited to play DuBois and Brookville, those are two big games. That rivalry means a lot, it  goes back way before our time. It’s a really unique experience.”

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