Salvation Army

Shane, Abigail, Bennett, Cecelia, Harrison and Dawn Carter the outgoing Punxsy Salvation Army co-commanders as they’ll be taking on some new challenges as school teachers in Vero Beach, Florida. (Photo submitted)

PUNXSUTAWNEY — The co-commanders of the Punxsutawney Salvation Army are bidding farewell to the area and organization next month.

Captains Shane and Dawn Carter, along with their children, Abigail, Bennett, Cecelia and Harrison, will soon be making their way to Vero Beach, Florida, to begin a new life outside of the Salvation Army.

“As we come into a new season in our lives, Shane and I are announcing a big change as we are moving to Vero Beach, Florida, to become teachers,” she said.

Carter said that they’ve been ministering in Punxsutawney for five years and the time has gone by quickly. June  6 will be their final day in town. 

She and her husband have a lot of interviews lined up with various schools in the Vero Beach area. The Carters plan to both teach English in middle school grades 5 to 9.

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