Punxsy girls cross country goes 3-0 against Bradford, Brookville and North Clarion

A few Punxsy girls during the early stage of Tuesday’s race.

PUNXSUTAWNEY — The Punxsutawney girls cross country team (6-1) competed in their second and final home meet of the season Tuesday, racing against Brookville, Bradford and North Clarion.

The girls, taking five of the top nine places, came away with impressive wins over Brookville 18-39, Bradford 24-31, and North Clarion 19-43.

“Today was another great team win, and it was nice to come away with great races and nice wins on our senior’s final home meet,” said Girls Coach John Snyder. “These six girls have been with the program anywhere from three to four years, and their attitudes, efforts and great personalities over the past several years is really what has created the culture of success and enjoyment of the sport that the team has and is experiencing. They each have left a mark on the program for the better and are showing the other girls how to be great leaders in this sport.”

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