Chamber of Commerce

Punxsutawney Area Chamber of Commerce building. (Photo by Larry McGuire/The Punxsutawney Spirit)

PUNXSUTAWNEY — In an attempt to better serve the area, the Punxsutawney Area Community Foundation, Inc. reorganized and became a nonprofit organization at the start of the year.

The foundation, which also has applied for IRS status as a tax-exempt charitable organization, previously operated as an affiliate of a multi-county group headquartered in Venango County.

The foundation, as a public charity, encourages and supports charitable giving. Donations, large and small, are pooled and used to meet community needs and support local nonprofits. 

Board President Robert Cardamone said PXYCF will “receive, aggregate, manage, and distribute charitable funds to IRS-qualified nonprofit and public organizations in order to improve the quality of life for residents of the Punxsutawney area.” 

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