School board mask debate

It was once again a full house at Tuesday's Punxsutawney school board meeting, as residents came to discuss the district's response to the statewide mask mandate.

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Members of the public returned to the Punxsutawney school board on Tuesday to address Gov. Tom Wolf’s mask mandate, after previously criticizing the board at Thursday’s meeting.

Cindy Depp-Hutchinson, school board president, following an executive session, opened up public comments.

Julie Roberts said, “Our children spent this beautiful 80-degree day in a hot classroom with no air conditioning, wearing a mask over their nose and mouth all day.”

She said this experience should be a prerequisite for all board members, administrators and solicitors.

“After spending several full days in that hot, stuffy classroom, you’d have a better understanding what those masks are doing to our kids,” Roberts said. “They need 50 percent more oxygen to grow, think and learn; considering there’s a 99 percent recovery rate with this virus, making children wear masks for most of their waking hours is abusive.”

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