Mulberry Music in the Park

Punxsutawney borough police will escort residents from Mulberry Heath Care Center to Music in the Park today: (from left): Mary Ann Kernich, Sue Walker, Music in the Park committee; Vickie Amundson, activities director, Mulberry Health Care; and Lt. Frank Wittenburg.

PUNXSUTAWNEY — If you’re looking for more proof that summer is coming to an end, tonight is the last night for Music in the Park.

It will be a special night for many, starting with the band, Almost Mulberry, which is a local crowd favorite.

One group of people who are coming to see the band are residents of the actual Mulberry Health Care Center, also known as Mulberry Square.

Vickie Amundson, activities director, at Mulberry Health Care Center, said this is not the first time the residents have attended one of the concerts, and each time they’ve escorted by the Punxsutawney Borough Police down Mulberry Alley to Barclay Square.

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