The Penn State Master Gardeners are offering tips on growing organic blueberries. (Photo courtesy of Metro Creative Graphics)

Many homeowners already have one or more blueberry bushes in their backyard, but how well do they bear fruit?

By planting these hardy shrubs properly, you can have fresh organic blueberries from June to September. However, later-fruiting varieties are more prone to insect damage.

Whether you call them a “Superfood” or a “Powerhouse Fruit,” they can have significant impact on your health.  Blueberries are low calorie, high fiber and are excellent sources of Vitamins C, K, Manganese and anti-oxidants, which fight inflammation.

In the Jefferson County area, the Northern Highbush type of blueberry shrub is best for our climate, soil type and altitude. There are many varieties.

For a list of the best blueberries to plant in our area, go to

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