Sykesville fair demo derby 2021

Fair season is getting an early start in Jefferson County, with the Sykesville Ag & Youth Fair kicking off Monday, two months earlier than its typical start date. The demolition derby, seen here from last year, will be a feature once again.

SYKESVILLE — No, it’s not a trick of your imagination, nor have you stepped into a time warp to the end of summer. The Sykesville Ag & Youth Fair is set to commence early this year, beginning on Monday, June 20. 

All of your favorite events, rides, attractions and food will be there to be enjoyed, now at an earlier date. 

Maria Zaffuto, representative for the Sykesville Fair, said the date change was to accommodate the carnival.

“The carnival industry is changing a lot, especially in the state. There aren’t as many to go around, and a lot of the companies took a hard hit after COVID. To make sure we had a carnival for the kids, we moved the date,” Zaffuto said.

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