Coolspring Power Museum: The air blast engine project trilogy, part 2

An artist’s rendition shows what the Coolspring Power Museum’s new building will look like upon completion.

After a couple  of hurdles, our  project has  since  progressed well, as documented in  the first part of the trilogy, “It’s  happening.” Satisfying?   Definitely, yes! But  reflecting back, it was  easy.    

Look at the great,  detailed drawings made  by our contractor, watch  the crew dig and pour  concrete, dig some more  and install engine foundations,  and  it  happened  very  well. But  now  there  are  choices  to  be  made. So how to begin? What is needed first?       Seems like a special logo  would  be  best. 

So we  again contacted Mary Beth, owner of Creative Marketing Strategies, to  do her magic. She had  already created all the artwork for  the mugs, tee shirts and caps that we  are  selling  for proceeds to help our ABI project. Hence, a fantastic logo was  created. A  great  tool for all correspondence.     

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