Young Township hopes to have found solution for delinquent sewage customers

WALSTON — Young Township sewage customers who become late on their sewer bills could find themselves knee-deep in something else.

Wednesday, the Young Township Board of Supervisors displayed its new sewage shut-off device to be used with late-paying sewage customers.

These devices will be used at the discretion of the township supervisors for the most delinquent sewage customers, Chairman Andrew Meterko said.

He said these devices will be installed after a 48-hour shut-off notice is given to the customer, and is in accordance with the township’s sewage rules and regulations.

“Municipalities are doing this everywhere to deal with the mounting delinquency,” Meterko said, adding that once the bill is paid, or a payment plan is set up, the devices will be removed.

He said once the device is screwed into the pipe at the lateral, it will cause the resident’s sewage to back up into the toilets and drains inside the residence.

“Once the shut off is installed in the customer’s sewer pipe, it can only be removed with a special tool,” he said.

“We’ve tried everything to get the delinquent customers to pay, and nothing has worked so far,” Meterko said. “Most of the delinquent accounts won’t pick up the certified letter at the post office that was sent to them.”

Also at Wednesday’s meeting, supervisors:

• Approved a motion to accept and adopt Holding Tank Ordinance No. 97 per the request of Dave Tinker and the Jefferson County Sewage Association (JCSA). The ordinance requires the owner to maintain and have the tank pumped on a regular basis.

Township Secretary Mary Ann Redding said the ordinance was requested for when Tinker inspects a holding tank, and that all municipalities have the same ordinance.

Meterko said this does not apply to septic tanks, which drain into a leech bed.

• Approved a motion to accept the Jefferson County Conservation partnership agreement in regard to storm water runoff.

• Approved a motion to advertise stone and road oil bids: 5,000 gallons of MC-70 oil; 10,000 gallons of E-3 oil; 1,000 tons of No. 8 limestone; 500 tons of 2A limestone; 500 tons of No. 3 limestone; 500 tons of 2RC limestone.

Meterko said all bids are more or less.

• Approved a motion to hold a special meeting at 9 a.m. today at the township municipal building in order to adopt the amended changes to to the FEMA floodplain Oridinance No. 98.

In other business:

• Ken McFarland III presented an idea about a vacant piece of property that he owns, regarding paying for a sewer tap on property that has no structure on it.

The contractor closed off the sewer tap under the supervision of former supervisor Paul O. Hanley, when the building on that property was torn down several years ago.

Supervisor Pete Betts said there shouldn’t be a standing pipe in the middle of the yard where the tap was located.

Redding said if a sewage customer wants to vacate their sewage tap, there’s a $100 charge.

Meterko said the supervisors will look at the situation and see if there’s a change that can be made in the ordinance to accommodate sewage customers that don’t have a structure on their property with a tap.

• Meterko said work crews have been busy cleaning cross-pipes and brooming all the stone off township roads.

The two roads that will be paved this summer are Ellermeyer Road, and the completion of Cunningham Road, which was part of the original agreement, Meterko said.

He said the supervisors are assessing alleged damage to Young Road by trucks from American Coal Company.

The next supervisors' meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. April 12 at the township municipal building.