Young Township hopes cameras, new recycling site will deter illegal dumping

WALSTON — At last, the recycling bins formerly located at Walston Community Park have moved to the Young Township Municipal building, Walston Road.

Township Supervisor Andrew Meterko said the main reason the recycling bins were moved was due to the lack of security at the playground location.

“We won’t have to go up and gather all the garbage that people brought to the old recycling location at the park,” he said. Township workers regularly picked up a variety of items from the former site, including televisions, mattresses and garbage.

David Gordon, chairman of the Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority, said it took some planning for the move, but with the cooperation of Tom Fetterman, Dan Fetterman and Darren Young of Fetterman’s Auto Body, it all worked out.

Gordon described moving the newspaper shed as “the hard part,” because the authority had to wait until it was empty so Fetterman’s crews could transport it to the new location, while moving the roll-off containers was much easier.

“It was a coordinated effort with Young Township to move it here,” he said. “Now the site will have security, as there are surveillance cameras located throughout the property.”

Gordon said the supervisors have been very helpful and enthusiastic, which made the authority’s job easier.

“The new location is safer, secure, and hopefully, just because there’s cameras at the Young Township Municipal building, people are going to be a little more respectful of what the sign says,” he said. “We can track what’s going on and who is doing it.”

Gordon said he saw a sign at a West Virginia state park that read, “Smile! You’re On Trash-Cam.”

Donna Cooper, the county’s recycling coordinator, said residents of Young Township and the surrounding area will find the new location more convenient, especially if they have any business with the township, because they can enter the municipal building and talk with Mary Anne Redding, township secretary, if need be.

Cooper said the items that may be recycled include No. 1 and No. 2 plastic bottles and jugs. Also, three colors of glass bottles and jars — green, clear and brown — are accepted, as well as aluminum and tin cans, corrugated card board and mixed paper.

Meterko said those who bring their recyclables to the municipal building must be alert to township vehicles, which have the right-of-way in the parking lot area of the municipal building. They should also note that truck drivers’ and equipment operators’ visibility is not as good as someone in a private vehicle.

Those who are recycling should use the road for their safety instead of coming through the parking lot area.

Cooper said Jefferson County drop-off recycling sites opened in 1993 with two sites. The site Walston site opened in 1994, and since 2010, more than 90 tons of materials were recycled from the site.

The Solid Waste Authority appreciates municipalities like Young Township that sponsor the 21 drop off recycling sites, Cooper said.

“Without them, this program would not be successful,” she said.