Young Township audit continues after discrepancies found in May

WALSTON — The audit and investigation into the Young Township sewage and general accounts discrepancies continues, after it was revealed at last month's meeting that discrepancies were discovered when a sewage customer disputed and produced his receipts to prove that he was not delinquent.

At the May 9 meeting, Carl Vulcan, CPA, and forensic accountant of the Cantanese Group, planned to report his findings when township Solicitor Kipp Lukehart, advised the Board of Supervisors to enter an executive session before making any of the findings public.

The Cantanese Group was hired to investigate discrepancies in not only the sewage account, but also payroll and cash discrepancies.

Meanwhile, former township supervisor and secretary Rose Handyside said she volunteered for free to help research some of the issues that had been brought up as part of the audit.

Handyside said she had put about 50 hours into her research but wasn't able to locate all the information needed to clear up the discrepancies.

Mary Ann Redding, the current township secretary-treasurer, said the discrepancies must be resolved before she can send notices to sewage customers. Likewise, Supervisor Peter Betts said the township cannot prosecute anyone until these discrepancies are fixed.

Handyside said perhaps everything should be turned over to District Attorney Jeff Burkett so he can investigate to see if there is a case or not.

"He has subpoena power and might possibly find out if there's another computer or another set of books," she said.

The supervisors made no decision regarding the audit and any further investigation.

Following the meeting, Andrew Meterko, supervisor's chairman, said the discrepancies that are being investigated happened prior to Redding being hired as the township secretary-treasurer.

Also, at last Wednesday's meeting, the supervisors:
• Approved a motion to request two new fire hydrants from the Pennsylvania American Water Company to be installed on Route 310.
The request was made by Elk Run Volunteer Fire Company Assistant Chief Gary Godak on behalf of the Punxsutawney Fire Department.

• Approved a motion to accept the 2012 Hazard Mitigation plan from Jefferson County Emergency Management.

• Approved a motion to adjust the monthly transfer from the Adrian/Crawfordtown sewage account to Adrian/Crawfordtown sewage escrow from $2,500 to $2,800 to make loan payments to RUS.

• Approved a motion to pay all the bills and payroll.

In other business:
• The township was granted an extension by RUS until July 31 to perform the sewage audit.

Joe Lazore, CPA, DuBois, has performed the annual sewage audit in the past and was waiting until the Cantanese Group concluded its audit.

• Meterko said Barilar Road remains closed while work to widen the road continues.

Redding said the road has been too narrow in many locations for school buses and other wide vehicles.

The next township supervisor's meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 11, at the township municipal building.