Weight room improvements likely around the corner for PAHS

PUNXSUTAWNEY — The plans for the addition to the Punxsutawney Area High School weight room appear to have a green light, according to Building and Maintenance committee, as reported at the most recent meeting of the School Board Wednesday.

Jim Baun, chair of Building and Maintenance, said he talked to an
inspector at PennSafe Inspection Services, who said that an engineering plan is not necessary for improvements to an existing room.

"We have a layout of the room already, and the Jeff Tech CAD class wants to design it for us," Baun said. "Floor plans and an application can be sent to PennSafe's website at PennSafe.com."

Baun said Tom Tinker, drafting teacher at Jeff Tech, said his class is excited to design the weight room on the CAD system.

Baun also said that as long as no structural work is being done, and it is not a classroom, the lighting that is there now would be adequate.

Dr. Keith Wolfe, Punxsutawney Area School District superintendent, asked if there are any issues with the pump and the heating unit.

Bob Pascuzzo, school board member, asked if the heating and lighting are OK the way they are.

Baun said the inspector will inspect the project, but the project doesn't require a detailed plan.

"It is considered to be an existing room. The major changes it will require are removing the garage door, framing it in and putting a regular door in there, or a window," Baun said. "I don't think the room is big enough to require panic bars on the doors at a cost of an extra $1,000."

Baun said the board can auction off the equipment that is stored in that area.

Susan H. Robertson, district business manager, said the list of equipment will be pulled together for the next committee meeting for board members to see before an auction can be scheduled.

In other business:

• Pascuzzo asked why, under the facilities usage, the Mat Hog Club was charged $1,500 for a Saturday and Sunday wrestling tournament.

Wolfe said they had to bring people in to clear snow.

Pascuzzo said he received complaints that no one came in to clear snow from the parking lots for the Queen's Court.

"I thought it was odd that they plowed snow for the Mat Hogs," he said.

• Pascuzzo said Groundhog Little League President Harry Noer asked if the fees charged the Little League for its tryouts could be reduced, as the league can't afford to hold them.

Gary Conrad, school board president, said the Little League received a very healthy amount of money from the district to use the Little League Field complex for its games.

“We shouldn't be making money off each other," Conrad said.