Way Back When

(The Spirit is pleased to share with our readers vignettes of life in the 19th century as originally reported in past issues of the newspapers. These reproduced stories include their original headlines and spelling.)

Local Intelligence
May 12, 1897


Wilson's Big Training and Stock Barn Burned

Last Thursday morning about 4 o' clock, a fire broke out in Wilson's big circular barn on the hill in the North end, which resulted in the complete destruction of the building.

A stable and office nearby, together with two pairs of double sleds and a valuable hotel bus, belonging to Harvey Steel, were destroyed with it.

The fire is a mystery, and as yet no one can account for the conflagration as the building has been unused for some time.

The fire company responded to the call promptly, but were unable to accomplish anything, owing to the extremely light pressure of water at that height.

The light from the burning building could be seen for many miles around because of the eminence upon which the building was located.

The main barn was circular in form and had enclosed around it a covered race track.

It was one of the best appointed and most complete structures of the kind in the county.

The walls were lined and papered and the building was heated throughout with gas.

The hostlers rooms were furnished and supplied with all of the modern conveniences.

The loss on the main building is about $3,000.

The office stable and sleds were valued at about $1,000 making a total loss of about $4,000, which is partially covered with insurance.

Mr. Wilson and family were away from home, as they generally spend the summer elsewhere.

A few days before its destruction some boys discovered and put out a fire near the barn and it is a great mystery as to how it came at this time in the morning.

June 9, 1897
Church Dedication

The M.E. church, at Valier, will be dedicated June 27, 1897.

Presiding elder, R. C. Smith, will have charge of the services, assisted by Rev. I. E. Pershing, of Pittsburgh.

Services on Saturday evening the 26th and Sunday morning the 27th.

In the evening a platform meeting will be held to be addressed by a number of noted speakers.

A cordial invitation is extended to all to be present and participate.

Ample provision will be made for the entertainment of those coming from a distance.