Way Back When

(The Spirit is pleased to share with our readers vignettes of life in the 19th century as originally reported in past issues of the newspapers. These reproduced stories include their original headlines and spelling.)

Local Intelligence
January 13, 1897

Aged Lady Burned to Death
Mrs. Margaret Kunkle, of Washington township, Indiana county, aged eighty-seven years, was suddenly taken ill with heart failure, on Monday, and fell into the open grate and was burned to death before she could be rescued.

January 20, 1897
School House Entered
Some miscreants broke into the Lewis school house in Perry township on Sunday night and pulled down the stove, scattered the ashes all over the floor and turned most everything else in the room topsy-turvey.

The top of the stove was tied to the end of the flag rope and pulled to the top of the pole.

The lower part of the stove was carried away and could not be found on Monday morning when Chad Titus went to build the file.

It so happened that Sheridan Shaffer, the teacher had been taken sick on Sunday and sent word early Monday stating there would be no school that week and the children were all sent home.

The school house is located in a community which is inhabited by thrifty and industrious farmers and they are at a loss to know why anyone should use such a cowardly, mean-spirited method of getting revenge upon the community if that is what the case for the committing of the deed is to be attributed to.

A Midnight Wedding
On Monday evening, Alice Larson, of Adrian came to town and had a warrant issued for the arrest of Thomas Flocker a machine man employed in the Walston mines, who boards at Dunn's restaurant on Findley street.

The information charged Flocker with a serious crime and necessitated a speedy marriage.

Flocker did not return from work until nearly midnight and on arriving at his boarding place found Constable Record waiting to escort him to the office of Squire Wilson.

It so happened that John Evans, the Register and Recorder's clerk was in town and had some blank certificates in his pocket.

The uneasy couple were notified of this and immediately procured one, had it properly filled out and were married by Justice J. W. Wilson just before the hour of twelve struck.