Way Back When

(The Spirit is pleased to share with our readers vignettes of life in the 19th century as originally reported in past issues of the newspapers. These reproduced stories include their original headlines and spelling.)

Local Intelligence
(April 15, 1896)

Every one who has bought a lot or lots in Circle Hill cemetery with the intention of moving friends from the old grave yard should do so now, for sodding and repairing graves should be done this month. Also, everyone who has been thinking of buying lots and moving friends, may call at my office where I will be glad to give prices on lots, and lowest price for moving bodies.
Yours truly,
J. A. Knarr

To Save Memorial Home
The Memorial Home at Brookville is likely soon to be sold to satisfy a mortgage lien, unless something can be done to save it. The debt is between seven and eight thousand dollars, and the Women's Relief Corps is anxious to pay it and get the title in its name. The property cost $30,00, but unless a sufficient sum can be raised to pay the debt, its thirty-five inmates will be deprived of a home, and its further usefulness as a charitable institution will be seriously impaired, if not destroyed.
J. P. Roscoe, of DuBois, has a plan which, if properly encouraged, would produce sufficient funds to pay the debt. He had engraved a very fine portrait of John Howard Payne, author of "Home, Sweet Home," which the Women's Relief Corps and the different churches and Sunday schools are selling at ten cents each. If all would take an interest in the matter, and sell as many of the portraits as possible, a sufficient sum could be raised to pay this debt, and preserve a noble institution in a noble society.

Better Telephone Service
The Summerville Telephone company is extending its lines so as to connect all the outlying towns and villages, and in a few days a force of workmen will be employed setting poles and stringing wires from Worthville via Sprankle's Mills, Grange, Perrysville, Whitesville, Fordham and Horatio to Punxsutawney, altogether forming a circuit that will connect an extensive population and be of great service to expanding business. — Brookville Republican
Mrs. C. F. Jones, of Adrian, lost a purse the other day containing $4.98. The finder will please return it to the owner.
The hardest brick in America, perhaps are those made by O.H. Nordstrom in this city. They are burned with natural gas, a very good quality of clay is used, and they are almost like flint in texture. Persons who want brick that will last until doomsday can get them from Mr. Nordstrom.
A "Pie Social" under the management of M. L. society of the Lutheran church will be held Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Lanzendorfer. All are cordially invited. Each lady brings a pie and the gentlemen come to help eat them.
A strange bicycle rider ran into Morris Weber, little son of J. A. Weber, yesterday, and hurt him considereably, though not dangerously. His head and face were badly cut and bruised, and the boy looked as though he had attended a Donnebrook fair.