Way Back When

(The Spirit is pleased to share with our readers vignettes of life in the 19th Century as originally reported in past issues of the newspaper. These reprinted stories include their original headlines and spelling.)

Local Intelligence
(April 1, 1896)

Resigned the Cashiership
W. W. Winslow, Esq., who was a few weeks ago, elected cashier of the Citizen's Bank, and who has been exercising those duties, has resigned. It debars him entirely from the practice of law, which he does not desire to give up, and he therefore takes this step.

• • •
Prof. J. L. Allison, principal of the Punxsutawney schools, is looking after his candidacy for County Superintendent a little these days, and his chances for success are very flattering. The Professor is well known throughout the county as one of our foremost educators, and his sterling manhood has won him the respect of everybody in Punxsutawney. He has been an aspirant for the place of County Superintendent for a number of years, and there are many who believe that, in view of all the circumstances, he is the deserving candidate at this time, and that the majority of the directors will regard it in that light.

• • •
Bert McQuown Married
Bert McQuown, son of James McQuown, of this place, was married last Thursday in Oil City, to Miss Annie E. James. The ceremony took place in the parlors of the American Hotel. About 200 guests were present. The Oil City Derrick, in its account of the wedding says:
"Following the ceremony an elaborate wedding supper was served and at the conclusion the hall was cleared and a dance followed, which was enjoyed by all the guests present. A beautiful and large assortment of wedding gifts were displayed in a large room and a portion of the hall on the second floor and comprised many kinds of china, glass and silverware, linen and furniture.
The bride is an accomplished musician, popular, and has always been a resident of the city, where she has the esteem of the entire community. The groom is a member of the Derrick job room force, an expert workman, industrious and steady in his habits, and deserves the fortune that has fallen to him in securing such a fair and accomplished bride. The young couple have decided to spend their honeymoon at home and will begin housekeeping to-day at No. 207 Hoffman avenue, where they are now at home to friends."

• • •
Last Saturday was a bright day, and the town was filled with people. Taking it as a whole, it may be said with a considerable degree of accuracy that Punxsutawney is all right.