Way Back When

(The Spirit is pleased to share with our readers vignettes of life in the 19th century as originally reported in past issues of the newspapers. These reproduced stories include their original headlines and spelling.)
Local Intelligence
(February 12, 1896)
A School Teacher Tried for
 Punishing a Girl
One of the most interesting cases that have been tried in this town for some time occupied the attention of 'Squire Wilson for nearly a day and a half last week. The facts are these: On January 30, C. O. Morris, assistant principal of the Clayville schools, severely punished Laura McGregor, a thirteen year old pupil who had been giving him considerable annoyance during the term. The method of punishment was with two twelve-inch rules, and was applied on the girl's hands.
Mrs. Eva McGregor, the girl's mother, considered the punishment too severe, and on February 1, had the teacher arrested for assault and battery, and on Friday evening the trial commenced. Lawyer Fairman appeared for the Commonwealth, and Wm. Gillespie, Esq., of Lindsey, for the defendant. 
Some thirty witnesses were heard, expert testimony was given, and every point of interest was ably fought on both sides. The large court room and the hallway on the outside was crowded with spectators all the time during the trial, and on Saturday nearly every teacher in the vicinity was present to witness the proceedings. The justice held his decision until Monday, when he dicharged the defendant on account of insufficient evidence to hold him for court.
Had the Dry Rot
Carpenters were at work all last week repairing the inside of the Municipal building. For some time past the lockup has been gradually sinking and causing a separation of all the partitions in the building. The council had the matter investigated and discovered that the summertree and all the joists on the east side were suffering with a bad case of dry rot, caused by the ventilating holes having been closed up at the time the plank streets were built. The partitions have all been put back into place. New joists and some new floorings have been put in, and the proper ventilation given, so that the building is once more in good shape.
Anybody May Dance
Bob Burdette answers this question in his usual unique fashion: "May a Chrisitan dance?" Of course he may. He might swear and lie, too, but it would not make him a better Christian. Surely, Christian, you may dance, but dancing will never identify you as a Christian.
What puzzles us is tht you ask the question so often. Christians who don't dance never ask it. So, Christian, dance if you can't live without it. Join hands with Salome, Herodias, and Herod, and circle to the left. But don't be surprised if you are mistaken for a goat. This is the side they are on.
(Note: The Bible teaches that the sheep will be separated from the goats. Thus, the veiled reminder is that goats will not be permitted in the kingdom.---TAF)