Way Back When

(The Spirit is pleased to share with our readers vignettes of life in the 19th century as originally reported in past issues of the newspapers. These reproduced stories include their original headlines and spelling.)

Local Intelligence
March 14, 1888

Cheap Excursion Rates
The Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh railway have arranged for a series of cheap excursions to all principal lane points in Iowa, Minnesota, Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, and New Mexico.

Tickets will be sold at half the regular rates, and permit stop over at any point west of the Missouri river, and are limited for return passage any time within thirty days.

The dates for these various lane excursions are March 20th, April 3rd and 24th, May 8th and 22nd, and June 15th and 19th.

Those contemplating a trip to the far west should not fail to take advantage of the low rates offered on this occasion.

For rates of fare, tickets, time tables and further information, call on or address any of the following authorized agents of the company: I.K. Dye. Punxsutawney, or to J.P. Thompson, General Passenger Agent, Rochester, N.Y.

Public School Examinations
Examinations for graduates of the common schools of this county will be held as follows: Corsica, Saturday, March 17; Brockwayville, Tuesday,
March 20; Reynoldsville, Thursday, March 22; Summerville, Saturday, March 24; Cool Spring, Tuesday, March 27; Brookville, Saturday, April 7; Punxsutawney, Tuesday, April 24.

All scholars having acquired a fair practical knowledge of the common branches are encouraged to enter the class and secure the Common School Diploma; while those not thus prepared are advised to still continue their studies further.

Also, an examination of teachers for Professional Certificates will be held at Punxsutawney on Thursday, April 26, and at Brookville, Saturday, April 28.

Applicants for this grade of certificate will be required to pass an examination in Algebra, and in Mental Science as applied to the theory and practice of teaching. J.H. HUGHES, Supt.

March 21, 1888

Fell From the Roof
V.E. Stevenson, a carpenter employed on John K. North's new house, met with a painful accident yesterday afternoon. He was engaged in shingling on the roof, when he somehow lost his hold, and fell to the ground twenty-three feet below, his shoulder striking a plank.

His collar bone and shoulder blade were both broken, but he was not otherwise injured. Dr. Morris reduced the fracture.