Way Back When

(The Spirit is pleased to share with our readers vignettes of life in the 19th century as originally reported in past issues of the newspapers. These reproduced stories include their original headlines and spelling.)

Local Intelligence
November 10, 1897

Pennsylvania at Chickamauga

Next Monday, November 15, the monument to the Pennsylvania soldiers who fell on the battlefield of Chickamauga, will be dedicated. The last legislature made an appropriation of $20,000 for the purpose of transporting all old soldiers who participated in that battle to Chattanooga, to witness the dedication ceremonies and visit the old battlefields thereabouts. Chickamauga is just fifteen miles south of Chattanooga.

The old soldiers from this immediate vicinity who were there when matters were warm, and who are going to be present on the 15th, are R.W. Dinsmore, J. W. Stauffer, Geo. W. Smith, J.C. Neff, and Squire D. H. Nolph. Senator Mitchell and wife, of Perrysville, will go along. Adam Snyder and Fred Hummel, citizens, will also accompany them. They start today.

November 17, 1897
Thanksgiving Day Excursion

The Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway will give an excursion to Buffalo on Wednesday November 24, good for four days. The rate for the round trip from Punxsutawney, Big Run, Clearfield and

Curwensville, will be $3.50. From DuBois, Reynoldsville and Falls Creek, $3.00. Train leaves Punxsutawney at 12:10, and arrives in Buffalo at 7:25. Tickets good to return on any regular train if used on or before Saturday, November 27. Various amusements will be provided for the people on that day, including splendid attractions at the theaters and a great football.

Food Value of the Apple
Dr. Bentzer, a german scientist, furnishes the following reasons why the apply is desirable as an article of food:

1. It is brain food. 2. It excites the functions of the liver. 3. It promotes a sound and a quiet sleep. 4. It disinfects the mouth. 5. It agglutinates the surplus acid of the stomach. 6. It obviates indigestion. 7. It is a good prevention against diseases of the throat. — Home Doctor.

Wedding at Newtonburg
Miss Sybillis C. Smith, daughter of J. K. Smith, of Newtonburg, and David A. McKee, of New Washington, were married on Wednesday, November 10, at the home of the brides parents, by Rev. Imboden. A sumptuous wedding dinner was served and the bride received a number of handsome and valuable presents. Both parties to the contract are highly respected and popular in the community in which they reside.