Way Back When

(The Spirit is pleased to share with our readers vignettes of life in the 19th century as originally reported in past issues of the newspapers. These reproduced stories include their original headlines and spelling.)

Local Intelligence
October 6, 1897

Free Methodist Meeting
Twelve men and twelve women from the Greensburg district, who had been in attendance at the Free Methodist conference in Ridgway, were in town on Monday on their way home. Having a couple of hours to wait before securing transportation to Indiana, they resolved to utilize the time in holding a meeting.

Accordingly they formed a circle in front of the Hotel Pantall and proceeded to sing and give short exhortations, each one having something to say. They seemed to be imbibed with the genuine religious fervor, and grew quite enthusiastic.

A number of them were rather intelligent looking people and wore the garb of ministers. They shouted hallelujah and other exclamations of praise and wore a smile of serene satisfaction.

One of the men gave expression to his excessive zeal by a a series of vigorous jumps. One of the women had a peculiarly fine alto voice. When they had concluded they all marched off together two abreast singing a hymn.

October 13, 1897

Passtime of a Quiet Country Village
At noon on Thursday a great deal of fun was created on the streets by the capturing of a young gray squirrel.

The little fellow had evidently wandered in from the woods and was quite lost. The school boys were just returning from the school, and espying the squirrel gave chase. It headed a procession of about 25 boys in a grand race up Philadelphia street. When in front of J. B.

Hind's grocery, it darted in there, closely followed by the boys who captured it. Not, however, until it had bitten the finger of one of the lads pretty badly. It will be kept as a pet. — Indiana Times

Wild Cat's Reunion
at Big Run
The people of Big Run are making extensive preparations for the twelfth annual reunion of the 105th Regiment Penn'a Volunteers, which will take place in that town tomorrow.

The forenoon will be devoted to general greetings by old comrades, at 2 o'clock there will be a parade, headed by the Big Run brass and martial bands, after which a business meeting for the election of officers will be held in the opera house.

There will be a campfire in the opera house in the evening, beginning at 8 o' clock, at which there will be general speech making and story telling by the comrades and others.