Way Back When

(The Spirit is pleased to share with our readers vignettes of life in the 19th century as originally reported in past issues of the newspapers. These reproduced stories include their original headlines and spelling.)

Local Intelligence
November 10, 1897


Jakey Levison, the pugulist, a former resident of this town, has a billiard room and cigar store in Shawmut, Elk County.

Last Thursday night robbers entered his place and stole a lot of cigars, a watch and some money. Levison traced the parties suspected to the Adrian mines, and came here last Saturday with a warrant for their

On Sunday night Constable Ben Record went to Adrian and arrested the parties. He brought them to Punxsutawney and placed them in lock-up.

On Monday morning they were duly handcuffed and placed on the train in charge of Jakey Levison, who would take them to Shawmut for a hearing.


During the first twelve days of the hunting season, when it is lawful to kill certain kinds of game, Mr. John Stiles, of Pine township, shot and killed 10 wild turkeys.

The largest one weighed 18 pounds, two others weighed 15 pounds each, and the remaining seven ranged in weight from 9 to 10 pounds each.

With an abundance of wild turkeys in store, a plentiful supply of buckwheat cakes and corn dodgers, Joe Stiles ought to grow fat
during the early months of winter. — Indiana Messenger.

This excellent comedy, vaudeville and pantomime troupe appears at the opera house tonight in a laughable comedy, new songs and dances, wonderful aerial and acrobatic feats and invisible wire performances.

As a curtain raiser Mr. Adams presents the laughable comedy, "A Country Terror."

Act second is composed of vaudeville. Mons. Tessier, the upside-down, up-to-date marvel, Adams and Taylor in their late comedy, entitled "After the Election," O' Connell and Mark, Adams sisters and Sig. DeLow, king of the slack wire.

Act third will conclude with Adams' laughable fairy pantomime in seven
scenes, entitled "Protecto," in which fifteen people take part.

Do not miss three hours of good, hearty laughing tonight.