Way Back When

(The Spirit is pleased to share with our readers vignettes of life in the 19th century as originally reported in past issues of the newspapers. These reproduced stories include their original headlines and spelling.)

Local Intelligence
July 14, 1897

Local and Personal News From a Nice
Mining Village

The ball game on Saturday between Horatio and Frostburg was very
interesting. Some excellent plays were made. The score was 13-17 in favor of Horatio.

Mr. Wm. Morgan, Miss Roach, Mrs. S. Roach and Miss. Ponds of Anita, visited S. J. Woodhouse and family on Sunday.

Mr. Richard Jones returned Monday from Dunloe, where he has been working for the past few months. Mr. Thos. D. Davis returned from Scranton, Pa., Monday, where he has been on a short visit among his relatives.

James Hess and Miss. May Davies attended the teachers examination at Lindsey, Thursday.

Several of our people intend to go to Anita, where they have secured
work. Congregational church has decided to hold a lawn festival, July 31. Miss. Jennie Davis, of DuBois, visited her friends here last week.

July 24, 1897
Horse Thief Arrested
A man named Charles Lindsey was arrested at North Point on Monday by Sheriff Neal, of Indiana county, and was brought to Punxsutawney and placed in lock-up Monday night for safe keeping.

He was charged with stealing a valuable horse at Holidaysburg on June 20. He had roached the horse and had been driving it about ever since. Chief of police McGraw, of Holidaysburg took charge of him on Sunday morning. It is said that the man is also wanted for embezzlement in Altoona.

Other Pebbles on
the Beach
P.O. Freas, of the Punxsutawney Cyclery, has returned from Buffalo where he purchased a large supply of bicycle sundries and parts for repairing the steel steeds.

The shop is now better equipped than ever for repair work, and wheelmen will do well to make a note of this. Freas’ cyclery has been a very popular place this season.

There are many accommodations extended there that are not afforded to the cycling people at any other establishment in the State.
All work done is guaranteed and the customer has the benefit of the doubt.

Sundries just a trifle cheaper than anywhere else. Competent repairers, no experimenting on your wheel. Second hand wheels at from $5 to $25. New wheels $30 to $75. Next week a dandy new wheel will be offered at $30.