Waste hauling company possibly to be purchased by other company

BROOKVILLE — Veolia, the French-owned waste hauling company contracted by the Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority, will be sold to Atlantic Waste Holdings pending an antitrust approval, the authority’s board announced at a meeting Wednesday.

If the purchase goes through, it will continue operations under a new name — Advanced Disposal Services. Board Chairman Russel Whelpley raised some concerns about the transition, namely whether or not the authority’s current contracts will be honored and if the new owners might change operation costs for better or worse in the future.

“I was told that there are going to be a lot of changes,” he said.

“I think they’ll have to honor contracts,” said Vice Chairman David Gordon. “But who knows what they’ll do when those expire?”

For the moment, most of the information about operational changes for the authority remains speculative.

In other business:
• The board discussed the matter of lease renewal for a worm composter purchased for Jeff Tech.

The board originally paid a lump sum of $4,000 through the 902 recycling grant when the composter was originally bought in 2008. Jeff Tech matched at 10 percent with $400.

In the end, the board voted to renew the lease as a three-year contract at $100 per year, which will be paid up front as a $300 sum.

• Solid Waste/Recycling Coordinator Donna Cooper met with the county commissioners to discuss budgetary matters.

She is currently working on a budget that she has given to County Commission Chairman Paul Corbin.

• Cooper also encouraged members of the board to demonstrate solidarity with the commissioners by attending some of their upcoming meetings.

“I think it shows good support,” she said.

She has also asked for letters of support for the commissioners.

• The drop-off recycling program’s pulls for last month (June) amounted to 28. There has been a $621.01 increase with new contract prices.

This is projected to keep on building.

The pulls for the month prior (May) were counted at 32.

• Cooper clarified that a comment made by the Falls Creek Mayor, stating that other recycling programs are making money, was in reference to the programs in Elk and Indiana counties.

Cooper said that this was not a valid comparison to Jefferson County’s program, as both of those counties have their own recycling centers.

She also said that she still gets calls from users of the Falls Creek site inquiring as to why it was closed.

It is currently being recommended that they use the Washington Township site.

• The board announced that the recycling truck has been repainted and that its decal is still on it.

• Reference was made to the burning ordinance proposed by the Brookville Borough Council. Members of the board were unaware of the specific contents of the ordinance.

Cooper has suggested to the council that the ordinance prohibit the burning of recyclables so as not to affect 902 money.

•It was announced that PennDOT has issued a new provisional specification for the recycled crumb rubber as a stabilizer for Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixture Design, which Cooper described as a beneficial use for discarded tires.

• The board will have a recycling booth at Community Days in Brookville on Aug. 22.

• Treasurer James Sleigh reported that the authority’s checking account balance as of June 30 is $15,004.59.

Its savings account (Priority First FCU) balance as of June 30 is $66,805.79.

Its savings account (PLGIT — Admn Fee) balance as of June 30 is $1,201.92.

•The board approved a list of invoices amounting to $9,028.81.

The next meeting of the Solid Waste Authority will be held Aug. 22 in Jefferson Place.