The Walk Talk Ten

1. Scottie Pippen, longtime teammate of Michael Jordan, was quick to backtrack from his original comment that LeBron James "may be the greatest player to ever play the game." All of the arguments are out there: James is a better passer and rebounder, which makes him a more complete player than Jordan. Simply put, Jordan has six more rings, and until James wins four or five, he should never be in the conversation with Jordan. It doesn't matter how many rings James wins with the Heat — Dwyane Wade will always be one ring ahead. James has a good chance at being better than Pippen as a second option, but as long as he's trailing Wade, he'll never have a chance to be the best ever.

2. I'm rooting for Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks, but they just don't have the athleticism to keep up with James and the Heat. In six games, the Heat will win their first of many with the Big Three of James, Wade and Chris Bosh.

3. If the Mavericks somehow win, Nowitzki will solidify himself as one of the greatest, most unique NBA players ever. The athletic ability and shooter's touch that the German possesses were never witnessed before from a seven-footer until he came into the league in 1998. A ring will make Nowitzki a guaranteed first-ballot Hall of Famer.

4. I've never seen a more selfish point guard than Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook. No wonder the Thunder lost to the Mavericks in five games — for every assist he dished out during the series, he was jacking up four shots.

5. I'm not feeling too strongly about my original Stanley Cup champion pick, the Vancouver Canucks. Not only is Tim Thomas playing very well in front of the net for the Boston Bruins, but he has allowed just one goal in three career starts against the Canucks. I'm still sticking with Vancouver in seven games.

6. Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel finally resigned amid NCAA violations. The public and the government need to realize that the BCS isn't what's wrong with college football — it's constant scandals like this that seem to occur at every major university.

7. Indy car rookie JR Hildebrand lost the Indianapolis 500 on the final lap Sunday. How about we stop saying this was one of the worst collapses ever and realize this is a 23-year-old who will win many, many races before his career is complete.

8. The Boston Red Sox are tied for first place in the AL East after they started the season 0-6. This once again proves that one bad week in the MLB means nothing during a 162-game season.

9. For as much as former San Francisco Giants outfielder Barry Bonds is trashed and ridiculed for his alleged steroid use, he did a great thing in volunteering to pay for the college education of Bryan Stow's two young childen. Stow, a Giants fan who is currently in a medically induced coma, was critically injured following an attack by two careless Dodgers fans two months ago.

10. Punxsy's Devin Mesoraco, who I'm sure is keeping busy playing for Class AAA Louisville and is attempting to reach the majors this year, found enough time on his team's day off last Wednesday to watch the Chucks compete in the District IX Class AAA Semifinals. Now that's dedication to your hometown team.