The Walk Talk Ten

1. It was disappointing to watch the closing moments of the Punxsy-DuBois boys’ tennis district team championship match last Wednesday. I’m not saying this is the reason DuBois won and Punxsy lost, but for a district title, the players on the court shouldn’t be deciding if balls are in or out of bounds. A lot of credit goes to Punxsy, and Dave Roberts in particular, for taking the rulings as they were, not complaining and playing through it all.

2. My friend Chuck brought up a good point when it came to Tiger Woods pulling out of The Players Championship last Thursday due to a leg injury after shooting a nine-hole plus-6. There’s no way he would have quit the tournament if he shot a 6-under. For as much as Bears QB Jay Cutler was criticized for taking himself out of the NFC Championship game with a leg injury, why does Woods get a pass?

3. It was shocking to see such a one-sided second half during the Bulls’ win over Miami in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals Sunday. I have to change my Heat in five prediction to Heat in seven now. There’s no way Chicago will hold Miami to 34 points in a half or three three-pointers made in a game again. Plus, if Miami wins Game 2 Wednesday, it suddenly has home-court advantage.

4. For all the people who rip apart the NBA for having millionaire players who care more about the money than the game, find and watch last week’s Game 4 of the Memphis-Oklahoma City. It wasn’t the prettiest or most technically sound game, but boy was it a joy to watch those teams play 63 minutes of 256-point playoff basketball.

5. There’s a lot of intrigue surrounding the Western Conference Finals, which start tonight. Oklahoma City’s is like a poor man’s Dallas. OKC has no one to guard Dirk Nowitzki, but there’s no way Jason Kidd can check Russell Westbrook at the point. The western finals are so much more fun without the Lakers.

6. Last NBA topic: Celtics coach Doc Rivers is still arguing that his team never lost a playoff series with the healthy starting five of Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins. Perkins was traded to OKC in February. If Rivers is so worried about the continuity of the team without Perkins, why did he sign a five-year contract to stick around? The Celtics are just old, and whether Perkins is there or not, they aren’t going to win another championship any time soon.

7. With 16 home runs as of Monday, former Pirates player and current Blue Jays star Jose Bautista is on pace for at least 64 homers this year. The Pirates have 20 home runs as a team so far. Sorry Pirate fans.

8. I gained a little respect for Yankees designated hitter Jorge Posada after he apologized for asking out of the lineup once manager Joe Girardi bumped him to the No. 9 slot. Posada had no reason to be upset about the drop in the order. He’s batting a MLB-worst .165 and is lucky he wasn’t demoted to Triple-A.

9. Major League Baseball has had more postponements due to weather so far this season (25) than all of last season (21). I guess this area isn’t the only one experiencing unusually wet weather for this time of year.

10. Now that an appeals court ruled Monday that the NFL lockout will remain in place, we’re 63 days into the league’s shutdown. At what point do we realize that there isn’t going to be an NFL season this fall?