Theatre Arts Guild launches new Web site

PUNXSUTAWNEY — “All the world’s a stage,” according to Shakespeare. Now, the Punxsutawney Theatre Arts Guild Inc. (PTAG) is proving the truth of that famous comment through its new Web site,

Developed through the efforts of Guild member Jef Dinsmore and Web site designer John McManigle of Brookville, the site is a “one-stop location for all news and information about PTAG,” according to Dinsmore.

“We want to give Internet users everything they need to keep in touch with the shows, people and projects that PTAG is involved with,” Dinsmore said. “This site can do that. It hopes to be a resource for members, participants and newcomers alike.”

For newcomers, the site offers a history of the Guild detailing the past 35 years of local theatrical productions. In the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), information is available about joining the organization, making donations and purchasing tickets.

A Comments section invites users to make suggestions, offer feedback on current shows, etc.

For participants, features all pertinent details about auditions and performance dates. They can also register to receive an e-mail invitation to every audition. A “Fun Stuff” section offers a medley of quotations, anecdotes, puzzles and other diversions.

A “SHOWcase” scrapbook will highlight every main season production of PTAG.

Members will find a great deal of helpful information on the site. A current list of members, meetings and agendas will enable directors, officers and committee chairpeople to communicate their news and reports to all those interested in the business of the Guild.

As an added enticement for those who wish to become registered users, the site will have a Green Room. Here casts and crews can receive updates about the most current production.

Commenting on the Guild’s venture, Webmaster Dinsmore explained, “PTAG has struggled to find new ways to keep people interested in live theater in their hometown. We hope that a stronger Internet presence will help us keep our organization healthy. As the Guild improves and grows, there is room for this site to grow as well. Note, though, that it is not a social network; there is, however, a link onsite to the Guild’s Facebook page.”

Dinsmore concluded, “We welcome everyone to It is a site that we hope you will utilize and help make an exciting place to stop and catch up on what is going on at PTAG. Your hometown theater group hopes you like what you see. Feel free to give us a comment on the site. Enjoy.”