Tetro sentenced to 21-80 years in child sex abuse case

Staff Writer

BROOKVILLE — Summerville resident Glenn Tetro, co-founder of Brookville Behavioral Health, was sentenced to 21 to 80 years in a state correctional institution Monday afternoon on charges related to a child sex abuse case that went to trial earlier this year. Judge John Foradora also ordered him to pay fines totaling $11,000, in addition to court costs and restitution to the victim. Tetro will have to register with the Pennsylvania State Police under Megan's Law, though he was not given the designation of sexually violent predator.

This year, a jury convicted Tetro of three counts each of rape, involuntary deviate sexual assault and statutory sexual assault, and four counts of indecent assault. The case arose as a result of accusations that he had sexually abused a child between the ages of six and 10 in the 1990s. He was acquitted on numerous other counts of the same charges.

Prior to the sentencing hearing, a separate hearing was held to determine whether Tetro should be classified as a sexually violent predator. Burkett called Brenda Manno, a licensed clinical social worker, executive director of Project Point of Light and a member of the Sexual Offenders Assessment Board, to testify on the matter. Manno said she reviewed all of the relevant records provided by the district attorney's office; she also offered to interview Tetro, but was turned down. Based on her review, she said Tetro met the criteria to be deemed a sexually violent predator.

In response, Ness claimed the entire process to be unconstitutional and said Tetro, acting on his advice, would refuse to participate. However, Foradora questioned the length of the period of abuse required to classify someone as a sexually violent predator, noting that while all of the charges initially filed against Tetro met that requirement, the charges on which the jury convicted him fall short. As such, he declined to classify Tetro as a sexually violent predator.