Supervisors looking to add more fire hydrants in township

WALSTON — The Young Township Board of Supervisors is agreeable about adding more fire hydrants in the township, but seeks an official request from the chief of the Punxsutawney Fire Department.

Wednesday, Gary Godak, assistant chief of the Elk Run Volunteer Fire Company but addressing the board as a township resident, said the department would like to place hydrants in two locations: One about a half-mile from the New Anchor Inn, along Harmony Road/Route 310, and further down the road just before Adrian/DeLancey.

There are about 17 homes between the span of the proposed hydrant locations.

The closest hydrant is near Jefferson Grocery, Godak said.

He said the request is based on safety. Normally, fire trucks carry no more than 1,000 feet of five-inch line.

If a truck were responding to a fire without a nearby hydrant, it would take more time for a tanker to assist.

“When a fire starts, you need a first knockdown,” Godak said. “That could take too much time without hydrants.”

Speaking about the proposed hydrants, he added, “With two new hydrants, we could hit any of those 17 homes with one truck.”

Godak also said a fire could turn into an insurance issue if the responding department cannot act efficiently with the hydrants or help it needs.

Former supervisor Mike Defelice, who attended Wednesday’s meeting, said the department could also look at other areas in the township where hydrants would be useful, and the township could contact the water company about installation.

“Get whatever else you want,” Defelice said.

He also suggested that Godak present a signed request for hydrants by Brian Smith, chief of the Punxsutawney Fire Department.

Friday, Godak said Smith was in the process of scoping out possible locations for other hydrants in the township. That could take some time, given the size of the geographic area.

“But we’ll double-check everything and make sure we have a list, and we’ll present it at the next meeting,” Godak said.

Also Wednesday, Code Enforcement Officer Larry Porada reported about garbage issues in Crawfordtown, and the need for landlords to lean on tenants with piles of garbage on their properties.

He also reminds residents that when burning outdoors, they may not burn household items, such as microwaves.