Students at IUP-Punxsy host Celebration of Learning

PUNXSUTAWNEY — The students at the IUP-Punxsy campus celebrated learning by showing their creativity and goals through a variety of projects Monday afternoon in Punxsutawney.

The title of the program was "Celebration of Learning," and its purpose was to promote critical thinking, technical presentation, skills and graphic presentations.

The projects were displayed and presented inside the IUP-Punxsy campus. All of the projects that were presented were done so by each student’s choice.

Those who participated showed not only their artistic sides, but gave a peek at their individual desired career goals.

Students expressed their ambitions and experiences through a variety of sources. Some wrote essays, others did research; some wrote poetry, others showed paintings; and a few even made scrapbooks.

One category of projects that really stood out was the handmade group.

One such project was done by a student named Kyle Boozer, who made a pair of handcuffs out of wood.

His project symbolized his passion for architecture and included his characteristics.

One block of the handcuffs represented his father, while the other represented his mother, and the three links of the cuff represented his three brothers.

Another interesting project was done by student Kyrie Kerr, who displayed a unique project out of clay titled "Archetype Construction."

The project represented not only her personality, but also the balancing act between competing forces.

One piece represented her main outer archetype, which is that of a ruler, and another piece represented her inner archetype, that of a creator.

Ray Beisel, who teaches CHSS 121 at the school, described the program as a way for students to receive some experience beyond the classroom. The program is mainly about university foundations, learning skills and career explorations, he said.

Some other projects of self-expression included a wooden bridge representing love constructed by IUP-Punxsy student Christopher McIntosh, who also did another art project representing his love for architecture.

Student Kayla Corona showed her understanding of the book "Pygmalion" by transforming a block of wood into a tube of lipstick.

Student Eric Tosh made a necklace out of wooden bullets. Each bullet represents why he is a lover and how his family has loved and supported

And Naomi Turay built a small wall out of wooden blocks to represent a structure of symbolism.

Othder projects done by the IUP students included: Family Relationships and Physics/Geography by Danielle Lewis; Neo-Natal Nursing by Queshawn Richardson; Child Development by Tycheonah Harris; My Dream Catcher by Emily Pielt; Registered Nursing by Chelsea Astin; State Police Trooper by Jacob Weinel;

Communications Media by Gianna Nici; Environmental Health and Safety by Darius Jones; Athletic Training by Talonda Holland; Fine Arts (music) by Terri Boyle; Marketing by Alaysia Westbrook; Penn State Police Trooper by Dylan Himes; Poem Imitation by Crystal Perez; Scrapbook (Humanities Literature) by Kerinne Rogers; a take on the story 'The Flowers' by Jacey Kirkland; Criminology by Christian Butorac; Theater Major Project by Keely O' Conner;

Anthropology by Jamie Forsyth; Music Project by Devonte Shelton-Scott; Nursing Anesthesiology by Kayla Provosit; Marketing by Alexis Polose; Sports Broadcasting by Isaac Affolter; Elementary Education by Shania Hadden; two athletic projects, one done by Joshua Alexandre and the other by Sarah Johnson; and a Hospitality Management Project by Cantice Owens.