Shugar family issues statement as trial ends

Editor’s Note: The family of Victoria and Wayne Shugar issued the following statement Friday night:

We, the family, have been through a terrible ordeal these past two years, from the moments on April 12, when we all started to get calls that something was wrong and standing across the road; and looking up at the state police investigating what had happened in the house. Soon after, we got to re-enter the house, we had to look at what had happened in our parents’ house, trying to figure out what and why this had happened to them.

While this was all going on, we had to plan two funerals, pick a burial spot and headstone. Due to the nature of this crime, we never got to see our parents, didn’t get to say our goodbyes in person, so to speak. We only got to look at a picture of them placed between those two caskets. I don’t believe this was a fitting end for two people that have touched our lives and many others lives so much.

From soccer coach, cheerleading advisor ... to volunteering at Junior Olympic wrestling and selling balloons for the church on the Fourth of July, they always gave without asking for anything in return. They, along with
he family, donated the land for youth soccer programs in Brockway that is still being used today.

They taught us family values, the difference between right and wrong and how to treat people. If we choose to stray from that, they were the first to let us know it, but they were always fair and loving about it. They taught us the value of hard work and doing a good job, to take pride in things we do and to do our best always.

This trial, along with bringing an end to this phase of life after our parents’ murder, has reopened all of our old wounds. No one can imagine the pain and suffering that a family endures after a crime like this, senseless and uncalled for.

As we go forward, we will always remember our parents for who they were: Loving and caring people that were taken before they could enjoy the lives that they had left, their children and grandchildren grow up and growing old together; the holidays and birthday celebrations and births; report cards and honor rolls and graduation — the list goes on and on. All taken, stolen, in a moment of selfishness and greed, not knowing that their last kiss was going to truly be their last.

We love you, Mom and Dad! We love you Puppa and Grammy!

We would like to thank:

• DA Jeff Burkett.

• Pennsylvania State Police.

• The Jefferson County DA’s office.

• Michelle Fusco and victim’s unit.

• Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

• Brockway Police Department.

• The jury for their dedication and diligence.

• Friends and family for their cards and showing support for our parents at the courthouse.

A special thanks to the Wilson girls and the Millers for providing us much-needed meals.

The Shugar family