Random Thoughts: Wait, what day, what month is this?

Just had a look at this last week's newspaper and found out I almost missed it.

A next-town-over restaurant was advertising its pie for only $1.99 a slice, which would mean that one pie alone could rake in almost sixteen bucks.

Not bad for February being National Pie Month.

The bad part of having this column published on the last Saturday of the month is that we missed some really neat days to celebrate.

Now, it’s a good thing the town already gave Jim Cantore a spot at the Weather Center because Feb. 8 heralded National Weatherman’s Day, and with the wind howling lately, some of you might have made it for Kite Flying Day on the eighth.

Something that should be done every day, especially in our schools, is a stop-bullying rally because it, too, has a day to celebrate on Feb. 9.

Somehow, it doesn’t seem the right thing to do to celebrate bullying.

Two days later, we all could have had a time for Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day.

Maybe not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day, but it is also Read to Your Child Day, and if you are a parent, that day should always be at the top of your list.

And, parents, you will find a reason to read a fairy tale on Feb. 26, because that is the special day for such stories.

Other special reading days come up in March.

Remember: if you can read, you have power.

Being able to read might not be the thing if you celebrate on Feb. 27, because that is No Brainer Day.

One has to wonder if there is a day somewhere in the year for people with brains.

This month also gives us time to rejoice with National Tortilla Day and National Clam Chowder Day, as well as National Levis Day.

Wonder what potato chips, mushroom soup and other brands of blue jeans have to say about these days?

As far as commemorating a whole month to something, most advertising has shown us that February is American Heart Month, American History Month, Black History Month and Children’s Dental Health Month.

Some other moments to wave the flag for include National Cherry Month, National Grapefruit Month and National Snack Food Month.

Let’s add in National Embroidery Month.

Here’s a good place to stop and plug in this month’s teaser.

What sorts of things are celebrated on Feb. 23?

Hey, that’s today.

Now, I suppose you want the answer to last month’s teaser that asked what computer network was not owned by anyone, had no CEO and was not a commercial service.

The answer: the Internet.

Every month, some interesting — as well as absurd — days and months are in the works for us to celebrate.

Some of the topics, of course, should be observed every day of our lives, while others can give us a short moment to tickle our funny bone.

March, as I see it, is no different than February.

School children in this school district can all tell us that March 2 is Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

Seuss was a great believer in reading and children and thought the two should be partners.

The month of March also brings us Read Across America Day, as well as World Book Day and Read Aloud Day.

March 17 might have had a bit to do with the fact that it is Irish-American Heritage Month.

Wonder if it was an accident or a planned prank to make this National Noodle, Frozen Food and Nutrition Month in conjunction with Women’s History Month.

Do women have anything to do with food and good health?

To be sure school districts graduate young people who will embrace all the avenues of education in their lives, we certainly need to celebrate Music in Our Schools Month.

There has to be a bit of research on my part to see if there is a similar month for the appreciation of art and drama and dance.

All of these worlds have to be on a young person’s horizon.

Sure, there has to be the meat-and-potato stuff in school, and we all know what subjects that entails, but would not the meal be a bit more tasty with a dessert or two on the menu?

This is the month to spring ahead, because the second Sunday of the month brings us daylight savings time.

This early time frame has been with us since 2007.

Prior to that, our clocks went from April to October.

The other part of the adage is to fall back, but we have to wait until the first Sunday in November to do that.

The best part of March, of course, is that we can say, “Oh, spring is here at last.”

Did you know any of this? Well, now you do.

Roberta Dinsmore can be reached at randomrmd@yahoo.com.