Raiders finish season with win over Redbank

BROOKVILLE — It was clear after Brookville's Brady Mineweaser upset Redbank Valley's Mitch Blose, helping the Raiders earn a 40-21 win over the Bulldogs Thursday night, that Mineweaser has bigger goals in mind.

He wants, more than anything else, another chance to wrestle Ridgway's Cody Stahl at the District IX Class AA tournament next weekend. Stahl pinned Mineweaser in the third period of their match in the District IX Class AA Team Championship to give the Elkers a 32-29 win.

"I'm looking forward to getting another chance to wrestle the kid from Ridgway again," Mineweaser said. "The last three matches, I've had have all been good matches. Tonight's match, the match against Smethport and the one against Ridgway have all been good matches."

Mineweaser (10-21) caught Mitch Blose (21-12) in a near cradle and nearly picked up a pinfall in the first period. Blose would come back and score a few takedowns, put couldn't put together a combination to pin Mineweaser.

Once the horn sounded, Mineweaser came away with an 8-5 win. Brookville head coach Dave Klepfer said he was impressed with Mineweaser's win.

"That was a huge win for us at 103," he said. "Brady came out and battled tonight. He's really done a good job of retaining the information that we've taught him over the past few weeks."

The Raiders started the match by picking up five consecutive wins.

Jacob Shields (189 pounds) won by forfeit, Logan Stout (215 pounds) beat Braden Boswer in overtime, 3-1, Mike Crane (heavyweight) pinned Clay Kennemuth in 36 seconds, Mineweaser won 8-5 and Trey Constable (112) beat Willie Gruver, 8-1.

Crane, Mineweaser and Constable all had fewer wins than their opponents this season.

"That was a big win for Mike. He's won four of his last five matches," Klepfer said. "He's starting to get the ball rolling, and he's doing his best wrestling in the postseason, which is big for the big tournament next week."

Brett Smith (135), Zach Vroman (140), Ron Clark (160) and Tyler Dombrowski also picked up wins for the Raiders. Clark pinned Matt Hetrick in 3:52, and Vroman pinned Brandon Bailey in 3:10.

Brock Zacherl and Dylan Zimmerman were both out of action for the second time this week.

Klepfer said he was happy the team won on Senior Night, but he feels the Raiders still haven't been practicing well.

"We really wrestled awesome tonight," Klepfer said. "We came out and picked up a couple of big wins. But we still aren't practicing well. If you want to do well, you've got to bring it in the wrestling room, too."