To radar, or not to radar: That is the question Big Run Council is discussing

BIG RUN — Big Run Borough Mayor Joe Buterbaugh encouraged Big Run Borough Council to support the repeal of the state law that prohibits local police to use radar at a recent meeting.

Buterbaugh said if the state law regarding the non-use of radar by local police was repealed, he could possibly have the sheriff's department help with the speeding problem on Main Street in Big Run.

"Pennsylvania is the only state in the union that does not permit municipal police departments to use radar to clock speeders," he said.

"As of now, police can only use Vascar with two white lines painted on a certain part of a roadway," Buterbaugh said, adding that people should send letters to their legislators to have the law repealed.

In other business:

• Rick Rinehart, council member, reported that there's a drain that is plugged on Main Street.

"I'm asking for Roto-Rooter to come out and check out the drain at 225 Main Street," said Rinehart, adding that they'll bring the camera and run it through the drain at a clean out located on the sidewalk.

"It's plugged up somewhere; it's not at the house that is our problem," Rinehart said.

He said this was done seven years ago and kept it clear for all of these years.

Also at Monday's meeting, council:

• Approved a motion to allow up to &750 purchase to replace the commodes in the rest rooms at the Big Run War Memorial.

A motion to allow council to spend up to $750 on power toilets was approved.

• Approved a motion to for a baby shower to be held Oct. 7 at the War Memorial.

• Approved the use of the War Memorial on Sept. 26 for one informational meeting on how to become a Ham Radio operator.

• Approved the use of the War Memorial by the VFW for its annual POW-MIA program at 7 p.m. Sept. 22.

• Approved a motion to allow Hometown Pharmacy to administer flu shots at 8 a.m. Saturday Oct. 13 at the War Memorial.

• Approved the use of the War Memorial by Buterbaugh to perform a wedding ceremony Sunday Oct. 13.

• Approved a motion to advertise for a part time borough maintenance worker.

• Approved a motion to have the bed of the borough dump truck welded.

The next Big Run Council meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Oct. 15 at the War Memorial.