Punxsy youngsters fall to Brookville in All-Star Tournament Opening Game

BROOKVILLE— Brookville's big fourth inning was too much for the Punxsy Minors All-Star team to overcome Saturday at Zufall Field.

The Punxsy squad fell 10-5 to Brookville.

Despite the final outcome, Punxsy led during the first three innings.

Brookville batted to open the game. Seth Dunkle stepped up to the plate first.

He hit a shot to lefty pitcher Darren Byers, who threw to first baseman Zack Reitz, but the throw was mishandled, allowing Dunkle to reach second on the first error of the game.

Kyle Macbeth batted next, and flew out to right field for the first out.

Robert Keth followed on the 1-3 put out, which allowed Dunkle to reach third base.

Byers then struck out opposing pitcher Aaron Park for the third out, allowing no runs.

Punxsy came out swinging at the plate. Micah Kriebel starting things off by popping out to third.

Jackson Fezell batted next, and was able to reach base on a walk. He advanced to second when Byers was at-bat.

Byers provided the second out when he flew out to center field. Derek Ishman stepped up to plate and was also walked.

Zack Reitz nabbed the first run of the day with his RBI single to center field.

Adison Neal ended the inning by striking out. Punxsy had the 1-0 lead after one inning of play.

Brookville quickly responded to the deficit. Logan Byerly started the second being put-out 1-3. Brookville grabbed the 2-1 lead off consecutive hits from Jack Krug, Cole LaBenne and David Cable.

Krug hit a triple to left field, LaBenne smacked an RBI double to center, and Cable nailed an RBI single to center.

Bryce Kunselman was put out 1-3, then Dunkle popped out to second base for the second and third outs.

Punxsy had issues at the plate in the second inning, going down three-and-out.

Thanks to some stellar defense at home plate, Punxsy kept Brookville from scoring in the third inning.

After Macbeth struck out to start the inning, Keth, Park and Byerly provided back-to-back hits to load the bases.

Krug hit a shot to third that was tossed to catcher Carter Newcome, which forced Keth out.

LaBenne hit a similar shot that resulted in the same outcome, forcing Park out at home for the third out allowing no runs.

Punxsy took the lead again with a productive third inning at the plate.

Kriebel started things off with a grounder to center.

Fezell bunted when he stepped up to the plate. Due to an errant throw to first, he advanced to third, allowing Kriebel to score.

Byers then crushed an RBI single to left field that brought Fezell home.

While Ishman was at-bat, Byers stole second. Shortly after, he stole third, too.

Ishman struck out for the first out. Reitz then followed with an RBI single to right field, allowing Byers to cross the plate.

Reitz attempted to steal second while Neal was at-bat, but was tagged before he could reach the plate.

The third out came from Neal striking out.

Brookville ran away with the game in the fourth inning. Elliot Park started the inning with a single to center.

He was able to advance to third on a couple of wild pitches from Byers while Kunselman was at-bat.

Kunselman then struck out for the first out. Dunkle then hit the sac-fly to center to start the scoring barrage.

They caught fire with back-to-back hits coming from Wyatt Griffin, Keth, Park and Byerly. As a result, they grabbed the 6-4 lead.
Punxsy subbed in Derek Ishman for Byers at pitcher in an attempted to douse the hot Brookville bats, but it was no use. Krug was walked, then LaBenne followed with a two-RBI triple to left field.

The third out came from Elliott Park striking out, but the damage had already been done. Brookville had an 8-4 lead that it would not lose.

Punxsy struggled again at the plate in the fourth inning, going down on another three-and-out.

Brookville extended its lead in the fifth inning off a two-RBI shot from Keth that brought Kunselman and Dunkle home. Brookville had the 10-4 lead after its at-bat.

Punxsy made one last attempt to dig itself out of a hole in the fifth inning. Graham McFarland and Byers were both able to reach base in the fifth.

Ishman brought McFarland home with his blast to left field, but Byers was not so fortune, as he was tagged out on his way home. Reitz was put-out on the 4-3 to end the inning.

Brookville didn't score in the sixth, so Punxsy approached the plate down 10-5 for the final inning.

The big lead, combined with Brookville's defense, was too much for the young All-Stars to overcome.

The game ended with Punxsy going down on the four-and-out. Brookville had bested the Punxsy Minors All-Stars 10-5.