Punxsy reps vote against Jeff Tech budget

REYNOLDSVILLE — Jeff Tech’s preliminary budget for the 2012-13 school year was approved by the members of the Joint Operating Committee (JOC) 6-2, with Punxsy’s two representatives voting no at Monday’s meeting.

The committee approved the budget of $7,485,723 to be advertised and forwarded to the sending school boards for its review and put on public display in preparation for the JCDAVT Board adoption by mail ballot April 23.

The budget was approved by Patty Battitori, Shelly Caine, Dr. Fred Park, Michael Smith, Lloyd McCreight and Melissa Mowrey.

Gary Conrad and James Baun, of Punxsy’s board, voted against the preliminary budget.

Conrad said he voted against the budget because he felt more cuts should’ve been made.

Baun said he voted against approving the budget because he had never seen it before as an alternate committee member, and wouldn’t vote on something he’d never seen before.

Jeff Tech Business Manager Sherry Hasselman said there were several
expenditures that were eliminated in this year’s budget and the 2012-13 proposed budget expenditures.

She said the member district percentage of operating costs and debt service are: DuBois — 44.83 percent; Punxsutawney — 27.09 percent; Brookville —16.83 percent; and Brockway— 11.24 percent.

Hasselman said with the breakdown of how the general fund budget is laid out, 72.55 percent is district funded; 11.99 percent is debt service; 6.68 percent is the LPN program; 4.69 percent is grants; and 4.09 percent is the adult programs.

The proposed member district contribution is 0.046 percent, a decrease over 2011-12.

Hasselman said 82 percent of the proposed member district budget is attributed to salaries and benefits.

Also, 94.5 of the proposed member district budget is attributed to non-discretionary spending, which are fixed costs, she said.

Hasselman said there are potential items that could impact the future budget: PSERS rate increase, future hospitalization increases, and decreases in state funding for Jeff Tech and its member districts.

She said there are 34 teachers included in the district-funded portion of the general fund budget. The proposed budget includes the elimination of one instructor position.

Hasselman said there are 16 full-time and two half-time academic instructors; 11 full-time career and technical instructors; four half-time career and technical instructors; a half-time co-op coordinator; a half-time technology coordinator; school nurse; guidance counselor; and librarian/tutor.

She said the average teacher salary in 2012-13 will be $53,225, and 29.4 percent of the teachers will be on the top step.

The highest bachelor teacher salary will be $68,900, Hasselman said, adding that Jeff Tech has five management team members, seven custodial maintenance members, six non-union support staff members and three instructional aides.

The proposed budget was sent on to member districts for review.

Punxsutawney’s school board was the only board not to approve the budget.
Conrad said two districts would have to reject the budget before it would have to revised by Jeff Tech.