Punxsy police receive gold award for traffic safety

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Punxsutawney Borough Police was chosen again this year for the American Automobile Association (AAA) gold award.

Police Chief Tom Fedigan said the award was presented by the AAA Traffic Safety Awards program.

“This is our third consecutive year for being recognized,” he said. The award is for implementing programs and projects that demonstrate the department’s endeavor to improve local traffic safety issues.

Fedigan said there are four standards for awards.

“The first year, we received the silver award, and the last two years, we received the gold award for our endeavor to improve local traffic safety issues,” he said.

The gold award is given to communities that implement programs and projects that demonstrate superior effort at addressing local traffic safety issues.

“It isn’t one thing in particular. It’s a combination of our education that were providing and the enforcement aspect of it,” Fedigan said.

Two such programs include seatbelt checks at Punxsutawney Area High School and pedestrian and crosswalk safety.

Fedigan said throughout the year, police like to get into the schools.

“We also do programs at the day care facilities on safety,” he said. “It’s every aspect of safety, like the program we do in the summertime like the Bike Rodeo.”

The department performs safety details with the state police and PennDOT.

“The Buckle-Up campaigns, the aggressive driving programs — there’s a variety of different campaigns that we’re willing to participate in, and our efforts are paying off,” Fedigan said. “To be honored by AAA, which is the leading organization as far as promoting public safety, we’re proud of these honors that we’ve received.”