Punxsy Phil's Bad Rap inspires rap song

Punxsutawney — This past month saw Punxsy’s very own beloved groundhog, Phil, in the spotlight once again. With the harsh winter
dragging on, poor Phil became the target of a frustrated fan.

Though he had a suit tossed at him, he managed to make it through without any charges being pressed — with a little help from one of his closest friends, Bill Deeley, president of the Groundhog Club.

That time in the spotlight has garnered Phil a great deal of attention, and now he has a song and music video dedicated in his honor.

The songwriters are two good friends from Huntington County, who collaborated on a song dedicated to Punxsy Phil called "Punxsy Phil's Bad Rap."

Here are the lyrics:

Now everyone knows of Punxsutawney Phil
That famous furry forecaster on the hill
He resides in a burrow ‘top Gobbler’s Knob
And February second he does his job

He’s removed with care from his cozy nest
And then is faced with an important test
Many anxiously await the news he brings
In hopes they will hear of an early spring

Hey, c’mon folks, give me a break
You hang me out to dry for one mistake?
It’s a tough call to make when you’re half awake
Now they all want to roll me in shake and bake

If he sees his shadow, that’s not good news
It means six more weeks of winter blues
This year he predicted spring would soon be here
And two months later, it is no where near

Many disgruntled folks have been hard on Phil
They’re slow to forgive and are angry still
We know that he is a mover and a shaker
But now he’s even getting hate mail from Quakers

His handler concurs the rodent is not to blame
Yet he’s still getting bad press all the same
He’s America’s most wanted, and on the run
Coming face to face with a loaded gun

Yes, Phil is getting unwanted attention
And wants nothing more than his shot at redemption
One blown call shouldn’t determine his fate
Cause up ‘til now, he’s really done great

They interrupt my hibernation
To give spot on prognostication
It’s a job with little gratification
Next year I’ll submit my resignation

Phil talk:
Wow, tough crowd! Sheesh, It wasn’t my fault, folks. I think my shadow was blocked by a big man standing in front of me...at least I’m the real deal...Phil from Punxsutawney. Not Jimmy from Wisconsin, looking kinda scrawny... you want my job, huh? Okay hot stuff, let someone pull you from a nice warm hole into the freezing cold and see how you do...still want my job?