Punxsy native contestant on 'Price is Right'

LOS ANGELES — How did Punxsy native Braxton Amundson appear as a contestant on “The Price is Right,” and did he win one of the major showcases on the show?

Well, Amundson believes his vast amounts of swag definitely helped, but due to stipulations by the program, he cannot say yes or no about winning any major showcases, but Punxsy viewers can find out when his episode airs at 11 a.m. Monday on WTAJ-TV (Comcast Channel 18).

Amundson, a Penn State student, flew to California for a week right before returning to school. Traveling on a mother/son vacation with his mother, Vickie, the two decided against relaxing on the beach and opted to see as many live TV shows as possible — one of them being, of course, “The Price is Right,” the longest-running game show in TV history, hosted by Drew Carey.

While at the show taping Aug. 15, Amundson was chosen as a contestant, picked from the crowd because he exuded energy and wore a T-shirt that caught a producer’s eye.

The shirt read, “Punxsutawney Phil predicts Braxton to come on down.”
“A lot of people think it’s random, but they are actually looking for people who are exciting and jump up,” he said. “I had like five Red
Bulls that morning, so I was jumping around and freaking out.

“I also have a lot of swag,” Amundson added. “It was probably the most exhilarating moment of my life.”

He said he also enjoyed meeting Carey, whom he described as “really funny. He interacted with the audience a lot, and he asked me
what I did for a living.”

Amundson responded by saying he is a Penn State student and a professional rapper. Carey was intrigued by that response, so he let Amundson perform a rap during a commercial break.

The rap went as follows:
“I came all the way from the town of Phil, I wanna watch the show for the thrill.
I’m a college boy, I aint got no cash, and I don’t got a car, cuz I was in a crash.
I wanna walk down the golden road, I wanna see what’s in the safe, cuz I know the code.
I came a long way, I had a long flight, so I think it’d be tight to be on the Price is Right.”
“It got me some swag points.” Amundson said.

While on “The Price is Right,” Amundson won a mini-prize of $800 worth of women’s cosmetic products, “complete with lotion and mascara. Swag points lost there.”

During their week in Los Angeles, Amundson and his mom — whose family include dad Eric and brothers Jeff Amundson, Erickson “Noob” Amundson and Julie Vanscoyoc — also saw “America’s Got Talent” and “Let’s Make a Deal.”

Amundson scored front- row seats to “America’s Got Talent” because he was dressed in a wild outfit that included “really cool goggles” and held a sign that supported the Kinetic King, a contestant who performed domino-type explosions with tongue depressors and goggles during his act.

Amundson’s sign read, “I’m wearing goggles to practice safe stix.”
The judges and producers appreciated his enthusiasm, and he was even applauded by judge Sharon Osbourne.

During his week-long stay in California, he embraced his celebrity status. While walking around Los Angeles, people recognized him from the show, including one such instance while eating at the Cheesecake Factory with his mom, when a young child approached him and asked if he could be in a picture with him.

“I felt like a mini-celebrity,” Amundson said.