Punxsy dominates Brookville in MLSB Opener

BROOKVILLE — Punxsy's power proved to be too much for the Brookville All-Star squad to handle Wednesday night in Brookville, as Punxsy defeated Brookville 26-9 after five innings.

Punxsy batted first and came out hot right from the get-go. In the first inning, Madison Stonbraker had an RBI-triple to center field to score the first run of the game.

Jessica Lisa followed with an RBI of her own to bring Stonbraker home. The next five batters — Laney Monroe, Tagen Ludwig, Haley Maines, Abby Gemmell and Abbi Riskus — were all walked to bring in another four runs.

Walking to first base was a trend Punxsy got accustomed to by the game's end. A total of 27 Punxsy batters reached base via a walk by the time the game had finished.

Mya Phillips contributed a two-RBI to right field to score the fifth and sixth runs.

The final run of the inning came from Stonbraker's bat again, but she was putout on the 5-3. Lisa provided the third out by striking out.

Brookville was able to put runners on base in the first inning but was unable to capitalize due to strong Punxsy fielding.

Madison Johnson batted first and smacked a shot to shallow right field good enough for a single.

Leah Kammerdeiner grounded to second next and put Johnson out on via fielder's choice at second.

The final out came when Kira Powell grounded the ball to pitcher Abbi Riskus who threw out Kammerdeiner at home to end the inning, keeping Brookville off the scoreboard.

The Punxsy bats cooled down a little over the next three innings, and as a result, Brookville closed the gap.

Punxsy scored seven runs over the next three innings due to walks and errant field work by the Brookville squad.

Maines was able to tally a hit in the third inning and grab an RBI in the fourth.

Brookville closed the gap by scoring nine runs over the next three innings.

Brookville had RBIs from Kammerdeiner and Lauren Hergert in the second inning, plus a double from Marcey Schiendler.

The third inning saw hits from Kammerdeiner again, Shaffer, Powell, and Ansley Wolfe during Brookville's most productive offensive inning, which brought in four runs.

It registered its final two runs in the fourth inning with hits coming from Shaffer, Powell, and Morgan Johnson.

With the score at 15-9 entering the fifth inning, Punxsy decided to put the game away.

In an inning that saw 16 batters, fours hits, and nine walks, it was able to reach a lead that was too far out of reach for the opposing team.

Stonbraker, Lisa, and Maines had the hot bats for Punxsy that inning, as they all registered hits.

Brookville went up to-bat for the last time in the fifth inning down 26-9. The game ended after just four batters stepping up to plate in the final inning.

The final out came when Riskus tossed the ball to Lisa to end the game on the 1-3, and Punxsy had defeated Brookville 26-9.

Punxsy manager Rob Gemmell credits his girls' strong work ethic for their top-notch performance.

"We had lots of late night practices — we practice every night — and we have some really good, aggressive girls with some really understanding parents to let us practice until 11 o'clock at night," Gemmell said.