A number of upperclassmen were celebrated during Senior Night prior to the Punxsutawney versus Brookville football game last Friday at Jack LaMarca Memorial Stadium. Punxsy won, 37-6. Pictured is half of the PAHS football team's seniors, followed by their parents (front, from left): Kody Young, with Buddy and Amy Young; Tige Woodson, with George and Bridget Woodson; Ian Weaver, with Bill and Patty Weaver, and Becky and Steve McCullough; Rodney Tyree Jr., with Christine Tyree and Walter Foster; Duell Thompson, with Chris Morton, and Terry and Dori Thompson; Glenn Perry, with Lowell and Wendy Perry; brothers Steven (66) and James (50) Neal, both with Mitch and Janie Neal; and Joe Neal, with Lisa Neal and sister Jetts Neal. The Spirit will continue to run more photos from Senior Night during the rest of the week. (Photo by Dan Walk/The Punxsutawney Spirit)