Punxsutawney Area Coal Memorial dedicates new tiles

Justin Felgar
Staff Writer

The Punxsutawney Area Historical and Genealogical Society Coal Memorial Committee added 23 new names to the Punxsutawney Area Coal Memorial on Sunday at the Society's annual pre-Labor Day recognition and unveiling ceremony.

Bob Lott narrated a program chronicling the history of the impact that the coal industry had on healthcare services in Punxsutawney. Coal Memorial Committee re-enactors represented the various characters and organizations during Lott’s presentation.

Lott turned the program over to Bob Nastase for the presentation of new additions to the coal memorial. There were 23 names in total added to the memorial. The additions were: H.Clyde Gould and Victor Jesensky, blacksmiths who supported the mining efforts; Charles S. Margolis, Robert C. Thompsen, railroad workers who worked for the B&O Railroad and Fred C. Curtis, Jerome Curtis, Thomas J. Curtis, Sr., John R. Curtis and Thomas J. "Tom" Curtis Jr., railroad workers who worked out of Riker Yard; William Henry James and Gerard James Jr., Ralph W. Hodgeson, John DiMeco Mack and John Zemlin Sr., coal miners who worked out of the Rossiter mines; John Havrilla Sr. and Joseph Felisky, coal miners who worked in the Adrian Mines; and Paul and Walter Burkett, coal miners who worked in Doverspike's Sunnyside Cleaning Plant near Dora, Pa; James R. Doverspike, a miner who became an owner/partner in the Doverspike Brothers Coal Company; John Edward Moore and Max L. Moore and Glenn E. Moore, operators/partners in the Everett Moore Coal Company. Glenn E. Moore was in attendance at the ceremony.

(Pictured above) Bob Nastase points out some of the new tiles on the memorial wall. (Photo by Justin Felgar/The Punxsutawney Spirit)