PTAG preparing latest show, “Daddy’s Girl,” promises plenty of laughs and surprises

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Fall rolls in with gales of laughter as the Punxsutawney Theatre Arts Guild wraps up its 37th season with the premiere of “Daddy’s Girl,” a two-act comedy by Gary Ray Stapp.

The show will be staged at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 6, 11, 12, and 13 at the auditorium of the Punxsutawney Area Middle School.

A Sunday matinee is set for 2 p.m., Oct. 7. Guild veteran performer/director Tracey Young is at the helm of the latest presentation, which features a cast of 13 local actors.

The contemporary production has rapidly established its place in the Top 10 comedies licensed through Heuer Publishing LLC of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

A critic for the Baltimore Sun commented that the show is “filled with masterful one-liners.”

Likewise, a review in the Fort Madison Daily stated there are “more laughs than one can count.”

“Daddy’s Girl” centers around Benard Muloovy, a widower and proprietor of Maudie’s Diner, who is served a full plate of comic chaos when a certain person takes up residence in his restaurant and enlists the assistance of an angel to reunite Benard with a special someone.

The play comes fully seasoned with a colorful cast of characters including a snobbish restaurant critic, a young girl with a split personality, a forgetful waitress, a Ph.D. student with communication problems, a geriatric duo, a motorcycle mama and a woman anxious to become Benard’s next wife.

There is a lot of laughter and some tears when battle lines are drawn, sides are taken and rules are broken, as one young lady reveals a secret, but not without a twist…or two.

Commenting on the fast-moving production, director Young said, “This show has a full cast of zany characters, to say the least. With plenty of sharp-witted humor, biting sarcasm and slapstick well mixed with a tender side, the play offers actors an opportunity to portray individuals who are all important to the story.”

Since the characters are wonderful and outrageous, there is never a dull moment throughout ‘Daddy’s Girl.’”

Bringing the colorful characters to life are a baker’s dozen of seasoned performers and relative newcomers.

The cast includes Doug Fye (Benard); Timothy Cooper (Bob); Seth Evans (Walter); Ilona Ball (Maudie); Elissa Hill (Betsy); Kimberly Robinson (Michela); Morgan Barrett (Darlynn); Jessica Schidlmeier (E. L.); Josh Widdowson (Alex); Lynn Duncan (Daisy); Sandra Hill-Gearhart (Violet); Laura Chelgren (Lizzy); and Krystol Elkin (Big Earl Ella).

Matthew Dinsmore will be in charge of the technical elements, including lights and sound.

Terry Studebaker is assisting.

Kathy S. Dinsmore has designed the unusual stage setting and is working with costumes.

Debra Dinsmore is coordinating behind-the-scenes activities.

Anyone desiring more information about the play should phone the director at 938-9084.