PSP-Punxsy warns against 'deadly cocktail,' overdoses

Staff Writer

Punxsutawney-based Pennsylvania State Police have warned the public of recent drug overdoses in neighboring counties as a result of suspected fentanyl being sold as heroin or as an additive to heroin.

Police said in a release issued Friday afternoon that three overdoses have occurred in Clearfield County and one in Clarion County. One overdose resulted in death, and three individuals were revived.

"We are letting the public, as well as the drug user, be aware that our area is being flooded with a deadly cocktail that will cause an overdose that will most likely lead to death," the release said.

The stamp baggies associated with the overdoses were described as "Red Beetle" and "Blue Thumbs Up."

Anyone with information regarding the source of these and/or other dangerous drugs is asked to contact their local police.