Population increasing at Jefferson County Jail

BROOKVILLE — The population in the Jefferson County prison system has been increasing recently, Warden Tom Elbel said at the latest meeting of the Jefferson County jail board last Monday.

“I don’t have an explanation,” he said in regard to the cause of the sudden uptick.

He said that the jail has received a few inmates from other counties, but not as many as it has received in the past and still with a larger increase than has previously been recorded.

He also said that the current budget is about where it should be given the time of year and by comparison to its status in the past.

“I can’t say that I have any employees who abuse the budget,” he said. He also said that the jail is currently looking for part-time employees. In other business:

• Treasurer James VanSteenberg reported that the money has come in for restrictive intermediate punishment (RIP) grants.

• The board approved the jail report for July. The beginning-of-the-month population was 137, with 70 monthly commitments and 80 monthly releases (including temporary ones) leading to an end-of-month population of 127. The population demographics included 88 awaiting trial or hearings, 31 serving common pleas sentences, eight serving lower court sentences, five approved for the work release program, eight approved for the community service work program and four in housing for other counties. There was one violator of state parole and probation and 45 violators of Jefferson County parole and probation.

• The board approved the intermediate punishment report. Currently, the population consists of the following: 178 being supervised on IP, 13 on electronic monitoring, zero in inpatient drug and alcohol treatment, eight on intensive probation supervision, 174 in a probation-type supervision phase, one sentenced to IP since the previous report, one IP client screened positive for drugs and zero work-release-housed inmates screened positive for drugs.

There were 15 public service work hours completed for the month, 132 total drug screens, one technical violation detected, zero new charges filed, zero work release violations and zero pre-sentence investigations completed.

• The board approved the financial report for July. The revenue total for the 2012 budget amounted to $175,000. The prior year revenue total was $290,664.01.The expense total for the 2012 budget amounted to $2,756,243. The prior year expense total was $2,659,854.96.

The next meeting of the jail board will be held at noon on Monday, Sept. 24 in Jefferson Place.