Police warn of scams

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Captain Bernard J. Petrovsky, Commanding Officer, Pennsylvania State Police, Troop C, Punxsutawney, issued the following reminder to the public Tuesday:

“Always be aware of criminals who are in a perpetual quest to defraud you of your hard-earned money and assets.

“Troopers are continually gathering intelligence in an attempt to identify current scams so, in turn, the public can be made award of those crimes.

“One scam that is quite popular at this time is when an individual will attempt to overpay you for services or the purchase of an item and, in turn, asks you to return the overpayment money. The problem that occurs lies in the fact that the payment you receive will most likely be in a personal check that is bogus. Typically, you will cash the check and return the overpayment before it is realized that the check is no good. The overpayment money is gone, and you are held responsible for the entire amount.

“The unfortunate reality of this scam is, because the location or origin of this act is most likely out of the country, we have no recourse or ability to (make an) arrest.

“It is most important that you recognize the scam from the onset and never send overpayment money to someone you don’t know personally.
“As with all scams, prompt, detailed reporting to law enforcement helps greatly in the investigation.”