PAHS band hopes to update uniforms

PUNXSUTAWNEY — The PAHS Marching Band is going for a new look, and it's about time — that is to say, the 10-year shelf life of its existing uniforms has expired.

Band Director Kurt Cessna addressed the Punxsutawney Area School Board Monday and, with band member Lorne Hyskell modeling, displayed a new uniform concept that he, band officers and a representative from Fruhauf Uniforms Inc. came up with.

The most notable change in the uniform is that the white stripes that line the uniform pants will be missing. The white stripe — which is a part of the the current PAHS band uniforms — indicates that bands participate in competitions, which the PAHS band does not do.

Cessna said there are two main reasons why it's time for new uniforms: Wear and tear that the current uniforms have undergone over the last 10 years, and because eighth-graders may now march in the band, but there aren't enough smaller sizes of the current uniforms to accommodate them.
In other business related to the marching band, the board approved the band’s trip to Orlando, Fla., April 6-10, as well as chaperones Cessna; PAHS Assistant Principal Darren Hack; Marge Kennis, serving as a nurse; Nick and Jessica Suntheimer; and Susan Kinney.

The board also approved Jeff and Jan Kaza transporting the band's equipment and uniforms to Orlando.