Not much longer: Signals almost back to normal

PUNXSUTAWNEY — The new traffic light system that began operation this past spring appears to be working all right as the complaints from the public have died off.

"I haven't received any more complaints from the public regarding the new traffic light system in downtown," said Ben White, Punxsutawney Borough manager at Tuesday's Public Safety Committee meeting.

Punxsutawney Police Department Chief Tom Fedigan said he has not received any complaints about the new system after borough officials met with PennDOT officials regarding the system a few weeks ago.

Mike Porada, chairman of Public Safety, asked why the traffic light at the Graffius Avenue - Elk Run Avenue intersection changes right away while the downtown ones do not.

White said the reason it changes quickly is because there's a magnet in the road, and when a vehicle travels across the magnet, the light changes.

"The traffic lights downtown are on a different system and utilize a camera to detect a vehicle waiting at the light," he said.

White said the posts that hold the buttons for the “walk/don't walk” signs that were run over at the South Gilpin Street intersection are being reconstructed and should be reinstalled within the next month.

In other business:

• Larry Chenoga, council president, said he would like to have signs put up at the runaway truck ramp located at the bottom of Indiana Hill on Route 119.

He said he wanted Public Works to put up signs prohibiting vehicles from parking there, and "no trespassing" signs prohibiting people from using the ramp for watching fireworks or other events.

"It's just too dangerous, since you never known when you'll have a runaway truck having to use it," Chenoga said.

• White said the committee needed to discuss trimming the trees in Barclay Square and the other parks, especially the flowering trees along Union Street.

Chenoga said council should have a forester come in and check out the trees in all of the borough parks to advise council on which trees need trimmed.

• Michele Lorenzo, committee member, asked Fedigan if there was anything that can be done about the people who loiter in Barclay Square throughout the day.

Fedigan said there isn't much his department can do, since there is no loitering ordinance in place.

• Chenoga said he wanted to thank Fedigan, his department and the members of the Punxsutawney Fire Department regarding the clean up of the trees and lines that have fallen down during the recent storms that have occurred over the last few weeks.

"If you see someone who is a member of the fire department, you should thank them for the great job they have done," Chenoga said.

• Lorenzo said she wanted to see if the borough can do something about the animal abuse that occurs in the borough.