Miners fall to Grays 5-1 in Game 1

BROOKVILLE — The Rossiter Miners came off a 6-0 victory against the Bigler Buccos into the first game of their best of seven series against the Brookville Grays. The Miners were not able to keep the momentum going, as they struggled against the Grays in Game 1, going down 5-1 Sunday due to a strong pitching performance by Glenn Stewart.

"We've been having bad innings; we've been having that the last few games; we ended up having a bad inning, and that cost us the game. They hit the ball, and we just didn't make the plays," said Jim Dunlap, Rossiter Miners manager.

A pair of innings, four and five, was what cost Rossiter the game, as Brookville scored all five of its runs in those two innings.

Stewart and Miners' pitcher Christian Muth both had solid games, but the Grays defense behind Stewart was the key to the Game 1 victory.

Errors in the outfield gave up some detrimental runs to Brookville.

Muth pitched a complete game, throwing five strike outs, walking three and allowing five runs on eight hits.

Stewart also pitched a complete game, throwing seven strike outs, walking only one and allowing one run on four hits.

Both squads could not handle the opposing squads pitcher over the first three innings.

Rossiter grabbed only two hits in three innings off the bats of Jacob Stumpf in the first and Muth in the third.

Brookville also registered two hits in the first three innings off the bats of Rich Shaffer in the first and Nate Bishop in third.

In those first three innings, three Brookville runners were burned by catcher Dakota Bish's solid defense behind the plate.

Danny Walters, Cole Cook and Bishop all learned their lesson about trying to steal under Bish's watch.

Rossiter scored its only run in the fourth inning. Pete Meterko opened the inning with a good-looking blast that was snagged by a leaping Nate Simpson at first base for the first out.

Designated hitter Rick Bishop singled, then Bish followed with a double to scored Rossiter a run.

Austin Furman and Chad Davis then provided outs two and three, respectively.

Brookville didn't let Rossiter hold onto the 1-0 for long. Shaffer opened with a blast to left field good enough for a double, followed by a Walters single to right.

Cook drove in the first run when he cranked a shot to left field that Brodi Lowmaster was unable to glove.

Fiscus then flew out to right field for the first out. Kent Shick grabbed an RBI of his own with a double to right field that brought Walters home.

Roller and Simpson provided outs two and three for Brookville. It was up 2-1.

Rossiter struggled at the plate the rest of the game, registering no runs or hits in the final three innings.

The Grays pushed their lead further in the fifth inning. Galbraith was walked to start things off.

Bishop then bunted and was able to reach first on a ball that was popped up and nearly caught by the outstretched arms of third baseman Davis.

After a Shaffer strikeout, Walters smacked the ball to left field to load the bases. Cook brought Galbraith across home plate with his sac-fly to center field.

Fiscus followed by bringing the two remaining runners home with a triple to center field. Shick was thrown out 4-3 for the final out of the inning. Brookville extended its lead to 5-1.

It began to rain in the sixth inning, but the game continued. No more runs or hits were recorded by either club, and the game ended with Brookville claiming game one, 5-1.