Long-time Valentines

John & Anna Kostick — 60 years

Aug. 5, 1950, the young couple tied the knot, becoming not just John and Anna, but jointly emerging as Mr. and Mrs. Kostick.

But about a year-and-a-half before that date, it was a dance where this Cinderella and Prince Charming danced the night away.

As one dance turned into another, the two were soon finding themselves entranced with countless late nights.

Despite the late night that John put in at A&P, the duo still made time, finding themselves dancing again, stopping only to eat.

As Valentine’s Day approached, John found the perfect gift that would make Anna smile: A red radio.

Since that Valentine’s Day and every one since, John has continued to take Anna out to eat every year, which is their plan for this year.

In keeping with their late nights, John proposed to Anna at one o’clock in the morning, and assumed the proper stance.

“Back then, you would get down on your hands and knees when you proposed,” he said. “I did that.”

The couple wed in DuBois at St. Michael’s Church, and this past September, the Kosticks were the guests of honor at their 60th anniversary party, with some guests traveling from as far away as Delaware and Michigan.

John and Anna were again able to dance, this time with a few members of their These days, the Kosticks still enjoy dancing to polka and caring for their three daughters.

Anna said a memorable moment was their first trip — to Florida — together, which was special in many ways, notably because it was her first time on a plane. The duo continues to travel as much as possible.
“We are always moving,” John said.

The Kosticks agree: Relationships “can be a lot of work because you won’t always agree with everything all the time. But it just takes some understanding, patience and honesty.”

Throughout the years, the couple says that love holds — and will always hold — them together.

“You don’t stay together for 60 years without love,” Anna said.

Angelo & Sophia Strano — 67 years

As Valentine’s Day rolls around once again this year for Angelo and Sophia Strano, they will carry on a tradition they have placed into their own history book for years: Dinner at Mary’s Place.

For this couple, every year they share together is favored by both, as this August will mark their 68th wedding anniversary.

The couple met while Sophia was working to save money for college. Their first date was a movie.

“Back then, what could you do?” she said.

As for their first Valentine’s Day, Sophia recalled, “I know I got a box of chocolates that day.”

As Angelo had enlisted in the Air Force, it was only a matter of time before he would be called to duty, he had one duty while still in the States: He asked Sophia to marry him, and Aug. 7, 1943, the couple married at the St. Adrian’s Church.

Throughout the years, they both agreed that their fondest memory has been seeing their children grow up and progress throughout life.

Today, the Stranos enjoy spending time each other every day, as well as seeing their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They chat on the phone daily with all their children.

Another hobby has been travel. For many anniversaries, they chose to not have parties, but instead went on trips — often provided by their children — to new lands.

Together, they have enabled each other to maintain good health.
“We’re in pretty good heath for being 91 and 88,” Sophia said.
As for being married for 67 years, they offer this advice: Relationships take a great deal of work, as well as a lot of faith, a lot of prayers, and agreement not to fight.

“We feel very blessed that God has given us a long life together,” they said. “What else can you ask for?”